[My Top 10] Most Played 2016-Released Songs

Hai gaise. There would be a new segment for this blog which I would introduce to you right away cos I kept on posting my concert/event fanaccounts of my fave artists, and my next event would be hopefully in August tho. 😂😂

But anyways, it would be my first time to do this here in my blog, and it’s actually called, My Top 10. I know it already sounded so cliche and I’m sorry for this, but this would be added to my blog features. Of course, this would cover all things related to fangirling music and/or artists, movies, anything. 

My first ‘My Top 10’ list would be about music of course, and it’s about the most played songs of 2016 in my music player 😂😂😂 I have already posted the songs on my twitter through this link and made it a thread, but I’ll be going to explain you gaise why those became my favorite and most-played.

Let’s start with the countdown right now.


10. 마마무 MAMAMOO – 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re The Best)

I might have already heard of their group name, but it was actually because of my friend who’s a MooMoo (Mamamoo’s fandom name) who was tweeting and retweeting stuffs about their February comeback last year that made listen to them for the very first time (actually I listen to their pre-released track 1cm의 자존심 / Taller Than You first before this song). I was really mindblown by the members’ vocal harmonisation in this song, and they honestly reminded me of Little Mix in almost all aspects (vocal queens indeed), and from that, I started to be a fan of their music. I also like Uhm Oh Ah Yeah, and their latest ones like Decalcomanie and New York, and no wonder, they’re are the vocal queens of Korea. I’m honestly have a wishful thinking to have a Mamamoo x Little Mix collaboration cos both groups are vocally lit af 😍😍

This is really an upbeat and catchy song to the point that I couldn’t stop myself from grooving and dancing to it even when I’m in the public places tho 😂😂😂 (I’m sorry 😂😂) The lyrics are actually so me in a sense that they’re describing my feelings for my biases 😂😂😂😂*ehem Riley, Luke, Brian and Bradley 😂*

9. 派偉俊 Patrick Brasca ft. 周杰倫 Jay Chou – Try

I’ve heard of this song cos this was part of the official Kung Fu Panda 3 soundtrack (alongside The Vamps’ version of Kung Fu Fighting), and of course, it also featured the King of Mandopop aka Jay Chou. This song also introduced me to Patrick Brasca, JVR Production (Jay Chou’s shared recording production company)’s then-new artist, and I was actually impressed with his composing skills in his very young age (he’s a 2000-liner, I guess; he composed this song, and wrote its English lines). But on the other hand, since he’s a Canadian-Taiwanese, he reminded me a lot of someone in my past, but anyways, forget it. 😂😂😂😂

This also made me wanna dance and have fun cos this is really catchy, and I’m still learning the choreography of the chorus part 😂, but I honestly like the message of this song, and it suited with the theme of the third Kung Fu Panda installment, which is you have to believe in yourself for who you are and what you’ve got.

(ps: I’ve watched the movie twice, and I’m always fangirling when I heard this song in the ending credits part like OMG I FINALLY HEARD A CPOP SONG IN THE CINEMA and I couldn’t stop singing with it during that time ;A;)

I’m not trying to turn you into me. I’m trying to turn you into you.”

– Master Shifu to Po (Kung Fu Panda 3)

8. The Vamps ft. Matoma – All Night

The Vamps came back with this EDM-ish song alongside Norwegian DJ Matoma last October. At first, I was really skeptic cos EDM’s a hit or miss to me although it became a mainstream genre, and it depends on my mood whether I would like it or not, but surprisingly, I like the melody flow, rhythm, everything (I’m not being biased tho), and I also like how the band wanted to try diverse genres like their collaboration with two Indian artists last year. In speaking of that, I’m still hoping for the diverse tracks in their upcoming 3rd album, which would be released in summer, but before that, they’d be releasing a follow-up single to this next month!

The lyrics spoke to me so much to the point that it became my anthem whenever I had papers to do, and I need to stay up all night (no pun intended 😂😂). This has been on my loop for two consecutive days, and couldn’t help it but jamming tonthis whatever I do something. Right now, I’m literally up all night no sleep cos thesis 😂

7. 周杰倫 Jay Chou – 愛情廢柴 Failure At Love 

I’m honestly a sucker for ballads, especially Taiwan-produced Mandopop ballads, and this song is no exception. As expected, the King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, created one of the masterpieces off his latest album Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories. I’ve always heard his name everywhere, specifically in the Greater China area, but I started listening to him few years ago through the MV of 聽見下雨的聲音 / Rhythm of the Rain, a track off his previous album Aiyo, Not Bad. Since then, I’ve always been anticipated to his new releases, and I don’t care if it’s a hit or miss to me.

I felt the Christmas vibe in this cos of the MV setting, and also the chimes ringing all throughout the whole sing plus the lyrics as well, describing the feeling of being left out and loner in love on that Christmas season  (although the song and MV was released in the middle of the year 2016, which was a bit far from Christmas season tho 😂😂😂). It also spoke to me so much whenever I thought about my first crush whom I thought he liked me. ><

6. Before You Exit – When I’m Gone

I’m slowly, and gradually learning the fact that Before You Exit has changed their genre from time to time. From the pop-rock and acoustic-vibe likes of I Like That, Dangerous and Heart Like California to EDM-ish pop likes of Model and the title track off their latest All The Lights EP, When I’m Gone, they showed us their diversity and versitality when it comes to their music. I really applaud them for this since they’ve already signed to a big record label, but honestly, I do missed their old pop-rock vibe )):

To be honest, Model grew on me cos at first, I didn’t like it, and maybe it’s because the genre’s so different from their previous works, but as I kept on repeating the track, I started to love it. On the other hand, When I’m Gone blew my mind at the first listen cos it was surprisingly good although the noises in the background music of the chorus part were a bit loud tho.😂😂 And also finally, Connor and Toby’s solos were also present like yaaaasss it’s been a while. The melody and the beat kept me on jamming through it out loud, but the irony is on the lyrics itself, which was a bit sad ):

(ps: The MV setting reminded me of Justin Bieber’s I’ll Show You, displaying beautiful sceneries of the places they went 😍😍)

5. 규현 Kyuhyun – 여전히 아늑해 (Still)

This was from his latest third mini album Waiting, Still, but I honestly couldn’t believe this would be his last one before he enlists to the military service within this year 😭😭😭 I’m gonna miss him, his angelic voice, and his pessimistic personality (New Journey To The West 3 reference, aye 😂😂) so much, and I’ll be waiting for him in two years~  (he’s actually my first KPOP bias before I became multifandom; hence, Super Junior was and still my first KPOP group that I stan way back 2012)

This was honestly one of the most heartbreaking songs he has ever recorded, and I honestly love the idea that the MV storyline was somewhat connected to the lyrical theme, which you could tell that no matter how hard a person tries to forget someone, he/she couldn’t because he/she’s still thinking about someome to the point that it already hurts. In connection to the MV plot, Kyuhyun already turned into a ghost (he already died in the car accident on the MV of his other title track  블라블라 / Blah Blah; to be honest, that scene reminded me so much of that heartbreaking event for him cos he even almost died in the car accident a decade ago), wondering if the girl’s thinking about him as well. 😭😭😭😭 Sounds so heartbreaking, right? Well, I’m loving the pain to the point that I kept in singing this song all over again.

4. 周杰倫 Jay Chou ft. 張惠妹 A-Mei – 不該 (Shouldn’t Be)

Another masterpiece from Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories was found, and this time, it’s an epic collaboration between him and one of the legendary Taiwanese female singers, A-Mei. Jay mentioned in the interview (I dunno and not sure where it was and what was his exact words tho) that she was one of his idols, and having her collaborated in his work would be a very great honor to him. Don’t worry, Jay cos we actually feel you. This was truly one of the most hugely anticipated collaborations in the Mandopop world; a legend meets another legend, indeed. 

I felt the angst on the lyrics itself, but what’s more heartbreaking is the MV storyline, which was connected the lyrics, especially during the part where the guy secretly left her not because he doesn’t love her anymore, but because he doesn’t want to let her know the pain that he suffered due to his uncured disease, so he endured the pain all by himself. In connection to that, the lyrics was basically about letting go /cues DAY6’s song 😂/ but this line , “I’m leaving and giving your hand to the next lover,” honestly shookt me the most like this was the most heartbreaking line you couldn’t imagine, and it was honestly connected with that scene in the MV. This song made me bawling in tears whenever I listen to it cos it reminded me of that scene, as well as its heartbreaking lyrics. 😭😭😭😭

3. Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better

I personally like Shawn Mendes and his music as well, but I couldn’t even imagine that he’s a 98-liner like he could actually be my son (well, he is tho), 😭😂 but it’s alright cos he’s a talented and down-to-earth kid; no wonder he’s the nation’s boyfriend (dubbed by the Taiwanese media). I discovered him cos he was being featured in the single version of The Vamps’ Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart), then he even covered 5 Second Of Summer’s She Looks So Perfect like my hearteu Y.Y until he released his previous works like Life Of The Party and Something Big, but I honestly couldn’t expect that a year later, he would shine bigger through his hit song, Stitches, like whoaaaa is that even real (I even introduced my lil sister to his music tho, and she casually loves Handwritten album a lot). I personally like Imagination a lot when talking about Handwritten (alongside with the three mentioned), but if it’s Illuminate, I’ll pick the title track itself (Treat You Better), Mercy, and Patience.

On the other hand, I love Treat You Better at the first listen like it’s honestly a light and heartfelt song covered with acoustic background. The lyrical theme itself was the sweetest thing you ever heard, especially when you’re heartbroken over the breakup, misunderstandings or something, and the MV was somewhat connected to the lyrics in a sense that the plot covered the guy’s abusive act to his girlfriend. I did literally do the jamming session with lil sis, singing this song out loud while doing some stuffs 😂.

2. 데이식스 DAY6 – 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)

I have honestly no words for this. A wonderful masterpiece that saved KPOP, indeed. This song also made me stan DAY6 so hard, and until now, the game’s still strong. Until now, it still has an impact to me everytime I see something about my ex-bias that I don’t wana see cos the more I see him, the more possibility that I might fall back, so I decided to cut it down permanently. 😭😭 This also made me fall in love with the band’s bassist Young K and his sonngwriting skills (not just that. everything about him.) cos I honestly like the way he wrote the angst song beautifully and flawlessly, like this song.

For more explanations about this song, click here.

and the list would be wrapping up with the top 1 song:

1. 陳勢安 Andrew Tan – 好愛好散 (Blue Love Theme)

This absolutely and obviously introduced me to the singer itself, Andrew Tan, a Taiwan-based Malaysian singer. I’ve already heard his name before cos of Bii, who collaborated with him before, but that song was my first time listening to stuffs from him, and he already blew my mind with his great and powerful vocals. His voice literally shoot my heart in this song cos I could even feel his emotions while singing this, which I started to become a fan of his music. I did give his latest album, Dear Paranoia, a listen, and so far, this one, 練習愛情 / Newbie To Love, 俱傷 / Internecine, and 天天情人節 / Touch Love stood the most for me. He’s literally one of the most underrated Mandopop singers of this generation tho )): 

Honestly, Taiwan-produced Mandopop ballads are the most emotional and the most heartbreaking ones to the point that I felt strong angst emotions through the rhythm itself and also the lyrics, and this one is no exception, but it’s hard for me to grasp some stuffs although I understand a bit about the lyrics cos there are some words that are really deep until I searched its English translation, and I was right. It’s basically about the idea of loving someone, then parting with someone with no feelings when the spark is totally lost. The lyrical point of view is like giving you an advice that you shouldn’t be reluctant when parting with someone cos at the first place, it’s either you’re already tired or the feeling is already gone. That is what I understand about the lyrical theme tho. Yeah it’s honestly sad, but what could you do if these happened? Although you hate breakups and such, there would be a time that you’d be going to that part. This was honestly my anthem even up to this time, and I couldn’t stop listening to this. 😭😭



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