Band Mania At Its Finest

bands bands bands.

There are really plenty of bands existed around the world, and some of the bands that we know are in the pop-rock/punk, metal, or alternative genre.

Starting from the oldies like The Beatles and AC/DC to the contemporary era that I used to listen during my childhood days like Linkin Park, Simple Plan, All Time Low and such. There are also some bands that emerged during the emo trend (way back middle 2000s) like Dashboard Confessional and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

In this present time like 2010s, bands are being arose once again, but this time, these kinds of bands are called ‘idol bands‘. Why? They have a strong female following and band members filled with handsome and attractive youngsters. (I don’t hate bands, in fact I love them, but it’s my observation though.) Especially when 2013-2014 came, plenty of new bands were starting to exist, but some of the present bands that I stan are in different genres.

Alright. Let’s talk about my bias bands, and I’m starting this with the top idol band as of this moment, and you heard it right, it’s 5 Seconds Of Summer.

(photo credits:

Origin: Sydney, Australia
Debut Date: December 3, 2011
Members: Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin
Song(s) That Made Them Famous: She Looks So Perfect, Amnesia
Song That Got Me To Know Them: Heartbreak Girl
Band Twitter:

(Heartbreak Girl: the gateway to 5SOS)

My Impression/Stanning Story:

I know them first because of their song Heartbreak Girl, which was charting in a music show in the Philippines (specifically MYX Daily Top 10) way back 2013, and they’re still unknown to the public. That time, I was waiting for my former KPOP bias’ MV to be charted whether it’d gonna be on the top 1 or 2 when they played Heartbreak Girl MV and placed either on the 6th or 7th spot. At first, the beat of the song got me into it, but I wasn’t paying attention to them cos I was so focused on stanning a certain KPOP group.

2014 came and they released their major label debut single She Looks So Perfect, but I was really into that song until the MV of their second single Dont Stop was released. That song was really special cos I got to know 5SOS more and more, and became a fan of their music.

I’ve learned that they’re really image ruiners (they don’t care about people’s opinions regarding the fact that they like to mess and derp around whenever they want), especially the band’s Derp King Calum (he’s actually the first member that I noticed) and the band’s daddy Ashton (that’s why I ship them so much 😂😂😂). That’s one of the factors why I love them, but whenever they posted something funny and nonsense, I’m like ‘why do I even like them 😂’. I mean they’re the band that likes to do such kind of stuff all the time. Another thing why Calum was the first one who caught my eye is the mindblowing fact the he really looks like Asian, but in reality, he’s not. (I was also being mindblown, too.)

It was in November 2014 when some pictures of the lead singer Luke really got me into stanning 5SOS. I admit I’m a Luke girl, but Mikey is my bias wrecker because of his innocence behind his punk appearance.

I admit that they’re really not that attractive compared to others, even to their senior group One Direction (they’re actually in the same management label, and used to tour together for two years), and I also admit that even some groups are talented than them, but what made them special for me is that they have a passion in making and sharing their music to everybody although not everyone would like their songs, they use their talent to connect with everyone, especially their fans who supported them through thick and thin, and they aren’t afraid of their image, and that’s what really got me completely into 5SOS.

(P.S.: I didnt get the chance to see them live when they had a concert here last March 12th because the tickets already got sold out 😭)

Personal Favourite Song(s):
Close As Strangers, Jet Black Heart, If You Don’t Know, Story Of Another Us

Everybody’s got the demons, even wide awake or dreaming
I’m the one who ends up leaving, make it okay

(Jet Black Heart as one of my personal favourites)

Those four personal favourites are covered with powerful lyrics with sick rhythm, which are all relatable to my everyday life, especially Jet Black Heart. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I gave the song a listen when it was released as a promotional single of the second album (FYI: August – 2nd promotional single; December – 3rd official single), but the lyrical theme and Calum’s part + rhythm starting “the blood in my veins is made up of mistakes…” got me into it and made it one of my personal favourites. The other three also got me headbanging so hard with the lyrics as a bonus.

They’re are all side tracks except Jet Black Heart, which was being the second album (Sounds Good Feels Good)’s third and last single. Close As Strangers is part of the Target Exclusive Release of their debut album, while If You Don’t Know was on the physical EP of Don’t Stop, and Story Of Another Us was on the Target Exclusive Release of Sounds Good Feels Good.

(P.S.: Personally, I like Sounds Good Feels Good more than their debut album not only because of the maturity in terms of musicality and songwriting, but also in terms of the lyrical theme, which talks about everyday problems in life)

The next one to talk about is the reason why I got to know some bands; in other words, the first band that I stan, and it was none other than Before You Exit.

(photo credits:

Origin: Orlando, Florida, USA
Debut Date: May 19, 2007
Members: Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, Toby McDonough
Song(s) That Made Them Famous: I Like That, Dangerous, Model, When I’m Gone
Song That Got Me To Know Them: I Like That
Band Twitter:

(I Like That: the reason why I got to know BYE)

My Impression/Stanning Story:

The way I started to know them is exactly the same as I did to 5SOS, and you got it right. It’s from MYX Daily Top 10 also way back 2013. In fact, they’re also charting with 5SOS’ Heartbreak Girl during the time I was waiting for the said MV to be charted (mentioned above on the 5SOS part) when they played I Like That MV, and they charted a bit higher than 5SOS though like it was always like #6 or #5. While I was doing a bit of research about them, I’ve learned that they’re actually siblings, like Connor’s the eldest, Riley’s the middle one and Toby’s the youngest. They’re like Jonas Brothers in a sense that they’re band of brothers, with addition of some live members. I actually fell in love with I Like That due to its catchy tune with a pop-rock vibe. Few months later and as I listened to a certain radio station (99.5 Play FM), and another songs from them was playing (A Little More You and Soldier), and I’m not surprised why I instantly fell in love with those songs, but the former for catchy tune, and the latter for encouraging power ballad.

It was in May 2014 when they went back here for Dangerous Tour concert, but before that, there was a moment that I watching Dangerous MV, and kyaaaaa I suddenly fell for Riley’s new look like ‘is this a sign?’ 😭😂 and the rest is history. But I’ve learned that they’re being debuted last 2007, and it was really long but actually it’s not the original line-up.

As I grow up with them for two years, I’ve learned some of their personalities and how they act their age out. Basically, since Connor’s the eldest, he’s also in charge of producing the band’s music, and his smile and blue eyes really kills every fangirls, as well as his talent in creating music, and that’s what made him my bias wrecker. Riley, on the other hand, has that all that girls wanna have for a guy. Damn nice voice, handsome, and smart. That’s why he’s my bias though XD, but I’ve also learned that he’s the funniest member with those wacky pictures, silly stuffs when watching their videos, but sometimes he has a deep thinking about life, and it’s evident through some of his tweets. Toby, the youngest member, seems to be the quiet one among the brothers, but he has that charm being inherited from his brothers. He could also help the two with the song production, and also the funny one like Riley 😂.

Earlier this year, I finally got the chance to see the brothers twice (CD signing and #3LOGYINMANILA concert), and it’s actually my first time seeing them, but the memorable one was the CD signing last 29th of January cos gaaaaaaaah do you know the feeling of being high-fived by your bias aka Riley? I’m like it was really the memorable five seconds in my entire life 😭😭 I was really so close to them, but I felt like I’m dying cos BYE’s finally right in front of me while signing my Model single CD. 😭😭

(P.S.: To be honest, they’re one of the most underrated bands, and they deserve more and more recognition, especially they finally signed a record label after eight years.)

Personal Favourite Song(s):
Soldier, Radiate

If we’re falling apart, I will fight for your heart
I could be your shield, we fight in the field
Baby when life gets colder, I’ll be your soldier

(Soldier as one of my personal favourites)

Those two songs have the encouraging lyrics that made the song powerfully emotional to us fans, especially Soldier. At the first listen (actually on the radio, and they used the EP version), it already hook me, and got me into it, like finally they have a ballad. Y.Y The lyrics are somewhat made me like crying cos during that time I was so down because of some personal stuffs, and that gave me the answer, so that song’s really close to my heart. Radiate, on the other hand, gives me the glowing light from those times that I’m in struggle, as stated in the lyrics, “…it’s gonna get dark until you radiate.

(PS: I still prefer the I Like That EP version of Soldier than the single version though. It’s just the vibe of the former makes me so emotional.)

The third band that I would talk about is the UK’s pride, and the another ‘image-ruiner’ band (#chingamestrong 😂). Yes, it is The Vamps.

(photo credits:

Origin: London, UK
Debut Date: August 3, 2012
Members: Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball, James McVey, Tristan Evans
Song(s) That Made Them Famous: Can We Dance, Wild Heart, Somebody To You, Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)
Song That Got Me To Know Them: Somebody To You
Band Twitter:

(Sombody To You as the reason of knowing The Vamps first)

My Impression/Stanning Story:

I just discovered them last 2014 because of the rise of new bands like 5SOS, R5, Rixton, and others. Since they’re also one of the trending bands here in the Philippines, I gave them a listen through Somebody To You (album version) on Spotify,and it got me hooked up in an instance like it’s really catchy + the ‘hey you’ part, but before that, Last Night was being played on that radio station that I mentioned, and it really got me into it, but I really wasn’t aware that the band behind Somebody To You and Last Night are one. Because of that, I started to follow their music (just like what I did to 5SOS after Don’t Stop) like I listened to the whole Meet The Vamps debut album, and I realised that the albun genre’s more country and pop-rock, so I was really skeptical to listen to other songs on that album, and then Oh Cecilia was being released, and I found another bop from Meet The Vamps album. During the time they went here for their first concert last year, I was back in the university from one-year hiatus, and I was really devastated that I didn’t had a chance to see them live cos no money left 😭😭😭 but I was just a fan of their music though. 😂😂😂

As times passed, I got to know the band members in a basic way, and I realised that the lead singer Brad Simpson’s birthday is even close to mine like we both born on July 1995, but I’m two weeks older than him. #sadtruthindeed.

It was actually in October last year when they released Wake Up single and MV, but the MV got me completley into them not just because of the sick beat, but also the fact that whenever I saw the new look of the youngest member Connor Ball, my feels just died, and that was the start of making him my bias wrecker, and I stayed in Brad’s lane. The rest is already history 😂

I was a bit new to The Vamps since I started to stan them completly during Wake Up era, I was still learning about them, but all I know is that just like 5SOS, they’re also like to mess and derp around, but if 5SOS has the derp game, The Vamps has the thing called chin game cos they like to pose funny faces with double chins on it 😂😂😂 (put the blame to the masterminds Brad and James 😂😂😂😂). I was still also learning about the members’ personalities like Brad being a cutie and energetic little bear, James being the hunk among the four because damn his body 😍😍, but his derp and chin game is as strong as Brad’s 😂😂. Connor being the lovable maknae (Korean word for youngest member) who likes to sleep all day together with his bearded dragon, and Tristan being the hipster drummer who likes to flirt with the bear 😂. But among those Western bands that I stan, The Vamps has the best fan service. They’re really nice to their fans, and they always had a time to interact with them even though they’re already popular and very busy with their schedules. And another thing is that two of the members James and Connor went to a slum area in Manila, and visited some of the residents on the said area the day after their concert. I honestly found it really amusing, and I really admired them for them before I stan them few months later.

But before releasing Wake Up single, they announced that they’re coming back here on the 30th of January this year, and they’d be bringing Before You Exit and The Tide with them on stage. I was like THIS IS ALREADY THE DEATH OF ME COS MY TWO FAVE BANDS IN ONE STAGE HEOL ;A; And as I was in that concert, they’re really sounded so good live.

(For my fanaccount regarding the said concert, click it here.)

Personal Favourite Song(s):
Risk It All, Stolen Moments, Shout About It, Million Words, Another World

I’d rather crash, I’d rather crawl
Than never have your love at all
With only bricks to break my fall
For you, I risk it all

(Risk It All as one of my personal favourites)

Those personal favourites that mentioned above are really close to my heart cos of the heartwhelming lyrics with the mellow rock vibe except for Shout About It which has an acoustic vibe, but one song that got me really in tears, and it is on the video above. Yes, you got it right. It’s Risk It All. I already feel the lyrics is for us fans who are part of Vamily, and it really got me chills plus the fact that they made it a live video of that song just for us Filo Vampettes and Vampions because the song got number one here. While Risk It All, Shout About It and Another World are my personal faves in Meet The Vamps album, Million Words and Stolen Moments are my faves from Wake Up album. Just like Risk It All, Million Words has that kind of lyrics, but it’s about no matter the distance, love still exists, and it’s evident on the lyrics itself, “now I’m half a world away from you, but you’re always on my mind…” Stolen Moments, on the other hand, has that rock ballad vibe which I instantly like it plus the sad lyrics really got me sobbing. “I’m breaking in to steal it all, and I escape with every stolen moment that I spend with you…

If Western pop has those rookie bands mentioned (and I also stanned), KPOP has also, and one of those ‘breath-of-fresh-air’ bands in this scene is none other than Day6.

(photo credits: day6intl @ tumblr)

Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Debut Date: September 7, 2015
Members: Park Sungjin, Jae Park, Brian Kang / Young K, Kim Wonpil, Yoon Dowoon
Song(s) That Made Them Famous: Congratulations
Song That Got Me To Know Them: Congratulations
Band Twitter:

(Congratulations for getting into Day6’s music)

My Impression/Stanning Story:

Actually, KPOP already got two legendary bands in the personas of FT Island and CNBlue (which are both labelmates), but in this generation, rookie bands are also rising, and this includes the JYP Entertainment-signed rookie band Day6.

As a band fan, I listened to their debut song Congratulations a bit late since some of my Twitter and Facebook mutuals were talking about them during their debut about JYP’s new band, and I was so surprised that they’re really good vocally and instrumentally, and like 5SOS, they have more than one vocalists, making them being compared to the former since Day6 is also rising in the KPOP scene. The song was my jam for a week on my streaming app, so I decided to download it right on my phone. I was so amazed to the fact that they connected the MV storyline to its lyrics, which could make you feel the entire song in angst, so I was like, ‘this is it. I already like their music,” but I was so skeptical to know more about them because of having many fandoms including my bias bands.

I’ve learned basically about the band, and they were six members, including the face of the band, Jae Park. I was only aware at him before because of his some funny tweets popping in my timeline, and in English, so I understand what he’s tweeting about, but later found out that he’s Korean-American, so I wasn’t surprised though, but things had changed few months right after their debut because one member left the band and JYP Ent. in the persona of Im Junhyeok, the keyboardist, because of some personal reasons. I was really sad because a band full of talented members would be losing one, but people need to move on and go forward. As of now, they have five active members, and they didn’t want to add a new one, according to JYP.

The recent news was being spreaded to the fans that they’d be having a comeback a month after the incident, and that comeback made me completly stan them in a gradual and sure way. Since I’m really new to Day6, I’m still learning about the members more. In my honest opinion, it was originally Kim Wonpil, the synthesizer/keyboardist, who caught my eye because of those damn stare whenever he stares at the camera plus also his voice, but Brian Kang (Young K as his stage name) suddenly stole my heart with his rap, voice, smile, everything, making him my bias, while Wonpil as bias wrecker. I also found out that Brian’s still studying in a certain university there in Korea, and considered a very smart kid, while Wonpil’s being dubbed as the aegyo (acting like cute in Korean) king of the band. I honestly wondered why gotta be so damn cute behind his masculine face, but their birthdays are very amusing to me, especially Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon. Brian or Young K is a month younger than Before You Exit’s Connor McDonough, Wonpil is two days older than The Vamps’ James McVey, while Dowoon the maknae is six days older than Before You Exit’s Riley McDonough. Park Sungjin, on the other hand, is the band’s leader, and he has the old man-like personality (I’m so sorry leadernim 😂😂😂), and Jae, is typical Jae. The resident troll of the band, the oldest member, and likes Chicken Little (no wonder he invented his nickname Sweg Chicken 😂🐔).

(P.S.: If they’d be having a fanmeeting here in the Philippines, I’ll defo go and see them live! It’d be worth it!)

Personal Favourite Song(s):
Letting Go, Habits

I know that holding on to you would do no good for you
So I forced myself to push you away
The times we spent together and our memories
I let go, let go, let go
So you can smile someday

(Letting Go as one of my personal favourites)

Among those three mentioned, Letting Go made me an emotional and crying mess at the first listen because of the whole new level of angst which are visible in the lyrics itself (this is the comeback that I was talking about earlier). I honestly thought that the title songs that they had, including their debut song Congratulations, are not just ordinary heartbreaking songs. It’ll leave your feels and your heart being stabbed because of the higher level of angst. Thanks to the songwriters of the band (mainly Young K and Wonpil), and I just became an emotional mess. At first, I gave their comback song (Letting Go) a listen through their MV with Chinese lyrics, but damn, Sungjin’s first part of the chorus already got me teary-eyed, and it got even messier when Wonpil sang his part like WHY? MY HEART JUST GOT STABBED AND I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE 😭😭😭😭 No wonder some fans considered it a sad, beautiful and tragic masterpiece. Another thing why I considered Letting Go as my personal fave is the fact that it is my song for my former bias whom I was emotionally obsessed before.

On the other hand, out of their side tracks from two mini albums, Habits stood the most for me. Maybe it’s because of the catchy tune, but with heartbreaking lyrics, and even I played that song repeatedly, it still sounds good. (no pun intended tho XD)

(P.S.: In terms of album, I prefer The Day because of their youthful vibe, and most my fave Day6 songs are from that album, but in terms of title tracks, Letting Go would be my personal choice.)

Aside frome those four bands, I’m a fan of The Tide, R5 and Rixton‘s music because their songs are much relatable to us, as well as youthful. It’s just that they reminded me of what my teenage life was.

(The Tide – Young Love)

(R5 – Smile)

(Rixton – Me And My Broken Heart)

Bands are always considered as part of our fangirl lives, but although we have different tastes or preferences, we must draw the line with respect, and share the music you like to everyone without any hesitations. ❤


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