Letting Go: A Sad Beautiful Tragic Story of Being a Fan

“…there’s nothing that I can do for you
You would be happy if I won’t be here
I let go, let go, let go
So you can smile someday”

These lines sound so heartbreaking, right? Well, lemme tell you that this is not just an ordinary heartbreaking song. This would give you the feeling of a bleeding heart which was being cut into holes so deeply and unable to patch it (5SOS song reference tho 😂). I don’t wanna exaggerate things, but this was what I felt when I first listened to this sad, beautiful and tragic masterpiece of Korean band Day6.This was also my first time that I cried so many times even until now because of this very emotional and angsty song. I get that not all people would like this song, but the angsty lyrics and the rockish feels got me into it, which made this song very special to me.

As I was listening to this song, I realised one very big thing, which was I should let go of someone whom you thought they deserve someone better although the way you tell the person to let go is brutal or not.

At the same time, the song was really dedicated to someone whom I used to have this kind of fangirl feels. It was not long time ago when he became my bias wrecker on that certain group because of his talent, looks and hyper personality. He was the reason why I spazzed so hard like there’s no tomorrow, even during the time he and his bandmates went here for the concert. I loved him so much to the point that it was not as my bias, but more than that. I was so obsessed to him (but not literally) although I know of the fact that I’m just his one of his million fans.

Until few years later, because of being a multifandom and focusing to other groups + stanning new ones, I admitted that I could no longer love him anymore than what I used to be. Yeah. I fell out of love for him like that. I honestly dont deserve to be his fan because I focused my attention to the recent ones, but nonetheless, I would like to thank him for everything I experienced as being my inspiration. I might not be his fan til the end, but he’ll always have a special place in my heart, and I won’t forget the journey and memories that I have with him.

I also realised that I shouldnt hold to something that would do no good, and I need to let these feelings for that certain person burst out because I dont wanna hurt someone without the closure. So yeah, I guess I need to let him go out of my mind. Thanks to this song, and I felt much better and relieved although this is really brutal.

I know that holding on to you would do no good for you
So I forced myself to push you away…

english translation lyrics: popgasa


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